Photo of the Day: Lilac-breasted Roller’s lunch

Photo of the Day: Lilac-breaste Roller at lunch

A very common but beautiful bird, the Lilac-breasted Roller (Coracias caudatus) is very meticulous when it comes to preparing his lunch. Rollers will beat an insect violently against a branch and toss it in the air several times to rid it of some limbs or stingers before swallowing it whole.

As I drove in Central Kalahari searching for the lions I had been following for a few days, I notice this Roller had just caught a huge roach so I knew what would happen next. I set up my camera settings over exposing by 1 1/3 due to the bright sky behind and waited…. and so I got my shot.

It took this bird nearly a minute to swallow his snack, and from nearly 65 shots I took in that minute, this one is my favourite.

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  1. Susan Portnoy said:

    How did you keep from blowing out the background if you overexposed for the back lighting?

    • Mario Davalos said:

      Is not that I exposed for the background. The camera assumes the predominant tone is a mid-gray, in this case by over exposing you tell the camera that it is not a mid-gray but a much lighter tone.

  2. Nice moment! Pity for the stick behind subject, but however great photo!

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